How do I wash my extensions?
Gently comb hair starting from the ends and work your way towards the weft, link, or tape.
Use a wide tooth comb to detangle. Place hair under room temperature running water. Gently shampoo, conditioner, and rinse. A gentle shampoo and conditioner is recommended. If you are using fusion chips, microwaves, or tape extensions, avoid conditioning the link, fusion tip or tape since this may cause extension to slip. Do not rub or wring hair. Gently pat with a towel to remove excess water. Detangle using fingers. Air dry or blow dry on a low setting.

How do I care for my extensions?
Be gentle. The more gentle you treat them, the longer they will last and the better they will look. When you are brushing your hair, hold your hair at the base, start at the end and gently work your way up.

Can my hair extensions be straightened, curled, or dyed?
Yes. All can be heated styled or dyed with the exception of X–Fiber. OCP hair can be straightened and curled but it cannot be dyed.